Denver Union Depot Historic Photographs

The new Union Depot Railroad Station as it reached completion in 1880

Union Depot and street car stables 1881

 Union Depot Denver 1889

Union Depot 1891
View of Union Station, in Denver, Colorado, built in the Railroad Gothic style; also shows the yard, trains, and the tower.

Horses & Carriages await arriving passengers and cargo at Denver Union Depot circa 1910

March 16, 1894. Members of the Colorado Infantry, called to Denver during the City Hall War, sit on a covered walkway at Union Station in Denver, Colorado. Supplies that include rifles are nearby.

1894 March 19

1894 Fire Damage Aftermath 

Denver Union Station uptown side from 16th St. viaduct circa 1910

Snow storm on December 1913 

A crowd gathers to view the Liberty Bell, on display at Union Station, at Wynkoop street in Denver, Colorado. The bell was on tour for the 1915 exposition. Spectators fill the sidewalks, automobiles drive past, and a United States flag hangs from a pole.

The newly rebuilt Union Depot, which was then renamed 'Union Station' and opened in 1914.

Interior of the new Union Station Denver circa 1915

The American Railway Express Agency's office was on the far side of the west wing. Proud drivers pose for this 1917 photograph outside Union Station.

Train derailed at Union station circa 1920

 The front of Union Station Denver circa 1940

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